Ten years ago, we acquired land in the heart of one of the most pristine
places in the world – the Blue Mountains of South India. We had the
beginnings of a dream – one inspired by the beauty and nature
surrounding us – to create something inimitable, born out of the Blue
Mountains and, if our experiment proved successful, take it to the world.

Today, that something is Gravitale: a terroir-influenced company we have
created over the last decade that takes the advent of natural skincare in
the modern age to the next level. The Blue Mountains are home to one
of the world’s most beloved and sacred biosphere reserves. To us, they
represent the best of what India has to offer – a pocket of the world where
nature is celebrated, respected, and closely tied to health.

Across India and through time, cultural beauty and wellness rituals
have largely stemmed from using natural ingredients sourced from our
surroundings, and nature has influenced the ancient Indian art of
well-being. The Indian approach is incredibly refined yet beautifully
uncomplicated, combining natural, herbal, and plant-derived elements
to work synergistically on the skin with minimal processing.

Gravitale elevates the simplicity and sophistication of Indian beauty
by drawing inspiration from the ingredients indigenous and unique to
our location in the Blue Mountains – many of which are not found in
other parts of India and the world. We either grow these ingredients
ourselves, propagate them in our vineyards, or source them
responsibly from the local Blue Mountains community.

Our interpretation of vinotherapy rests on the Indian philosophy
that skincare recipes and rituals should provide holistic nourishing
and healing benefits to the skin. Because of this, our products are
intended for more than just quick fixes and superficial results –
they target skin longevity, nourishment, and long-term vitality.

Through Gravitale, we capture the richness and spirit of the Blue Mountains
in our products and share them with the world. Our goal is to unlock the
potential of Indian beauty by harnessing its age-old philosophies and
combining them with modern, cutting-edge vinotherapy techniques.

It has been ten years since we embarked on our journey in 2007, and what
started as a dream and a piece of land has evolved into a new category of
modern, scientifically-proven, luxury Indian skincare. I am so excited to
finally invite you, dear readers, to join us at the forefront of a movement in
skincare that broadens the global definition of beauty.